Visitor Facility

The Brasso Seco Visitor Facility is located in the heart of our community and is run by the community Tourism Action Committee (TAC) group.  Here you can get information about and organize anything you would like to do in Brasso Seco as well as purchase a variety of supplies made locally by villagers.  Whether you are an individual, family, office group or school group we can organize for you an adventure, a meal, a place to stay or anything else you may need.

We have a lovely space to host groups for meals or meetings or any kind of gatherings and we pride ourselves on providing that personalized service to give you just what you want. Some functions we have hosted include board meetings, retirement functions, and senior’s day out.

Indigenous cooking is our specialty and you won’t want to leave without tasting some of our famous foods.  Next to the Visitor Facility is an indigenous cooking facility with an oven made from dirt, grass and dung and a ‘branca’ where we make our legendary buccaneer meats.

All products we sell in the Visitor Facility are made by community members so it is a great way to support the village while taking home something great to keep your memories alive!  Jewelry made with local seeds are always a great gift made from our estate!.