Paria Bay Beach and Waterfall

The Paria Bay trail was originally made as a benching road for donkeys to bring load from and to the communities on the north coast.  There are now very few (about 6) people living along this 20–mile stretch of north coast since the only access is by foot or boat, but the trail still exists and is definitely among the best that Trinidad has to offer!

After walking the full 8–mile forested trail, you are deposited on the long and luscious Paria Bay Beach.  This is an ideal place to walk, sit or bathe in the warm, blue waters.  Another beautiful aspect of Paria Bay is the famous Church Rock whose amazing natural formation can keep you captivated for hours (left).

Before heading home, venture to the majestic and powerful Paria Bay Waterfall where you can wash off all that salt and sand in the refreshing pool as you prepare for the hike out.  

DIfficulty Level: 
16 Miles Total