Indigenous cooking is our specialty and you won’t want to leave without tasting some of our famous foods.  Next to the Visitor Facility is an indigenous cooking facility with a fireside and oven made from dirt, grass and dung and a ‘branca’ where we make our legendary buccaneer (smoked) meats.  The process of smoking meats is long and labour–intensive and always well worth the effort.  Meats are carefully cut and seasoned, placed on a wooden ‘branca’ about three feet above a fire, and covered with banana leaves so the water can slowly cook out of the meat as it absorbs all the smoke flavour.  Meals can be catered for you to enjoy as part of a gathering or when you return from an adventure.  Even if you are just passing through make sure to stop and enjoy our well known country pastelles or our unique home-made ice creams and sweets.